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GUEST ENTRY: Personal trainer, Garry Langler, talks ‘Sugar, Insulin and Diabetes’.

 When I first became ill with Pernicious Anaemia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I binged on sugary foods to provide me with a quick fix – a slight lift in energy for a short period of time (Read ‘My Story’ and Me and the Ketogenic Diet to find out more). But then I would crash and I would crash hard. I also gained weight, felt rubbish about myself and found it hard exercise in order to do something about it. Artificial sweeteners also made my Fibromyalgia pains worse. This guest entry introduces Garry Langler’s (my personal trainer) knowledge on the topic. Check out his blog and stay tuned with me for guest blogs to come!

Sugar, why does it have such a bad rep? Why is it hidden in so many foods and WHY IS IT SO DAMN IRRESISTIBLE?

People have known that sugar puts weight on for years and years but it’s only recently that the government have raised their voice and concerns over the amount we’re consuming, and especially the amount that the kids are ramming down their throats every day. Everyone is getting bigger, obesity is on the up and diabetes is rearing its ugly head earlier on in life. Of course it’s not just sugar that’s making us like this, there are a whole spectrum of things that contribute to our weight gain, but there is only one thing that directly contributes towards Type 2 diabetes (I have to add this as T1 diabetes is an autoimmune response and once you’ve got it, you’ve got it, unless they find a way to make our beta cells regenerate). The cause: excessive carbohydrate consumption … the dreaded carbs, people love ‘em, some people can’t live without them and run at the first mention of things like Atkins, KETO and low carb, HIGH FAT diets…

I’ll not use big words as sometimes it’s easier to understand in layman’s terms (I once went on a course and the lecturer spoke for an hour and nobody understood his big technical words – no need to show off now is there?). Can we live without carbs? Of course we can. The body can use fuel in the form of fats and for those organs in the body that can’t use fats, then the protein that we eat is used. It’s very simple. The liver sorts this out for us. It’s a very clever lab is the liver; it can make anything from just about anything apart from gold, it can’t make that…

So do we need sugars? … NO. Do we have an urge for sugars? … Unfortunately, YES… and this is because of the crazy way it reacts with our happy feeling centres in the brain. I’m a sugar addict, I’ll admit it. I should go to SAA (you can guess what that is). But do I feel better without it?… ABSOLUTELY.  Resisting can be a challenge, but if I can do it, you can do it.




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