Ketogenic Diet

Me and the Ketogenic Diet

This post introduces a 4 part series exploring the ketogenic diet, recipes and how it relates to my experience of living well with my health conditions.

As discussed in my previous post ‘The start of things to come…’, following the Ketogenic Diet has helped me manage the fatigue caused by my CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia and Pernicious Anaemia. A topic I covered in ‘A Piece of the Puzzle’, you have to find what is right for your body. I have tried every diet under the sun for my fatigue and none have worked for me except the Ketogenic diet. This is not a weight loss diet for me –  I want to stay strong and healthy (read more about me in ‘My Story’). Although, I have only been on the diet since February and I have already lost a stone. Of course that’s a bonus!

So what is the Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. As my personal trainer, GarryFitness Langler PT explained it to me, the Ketogenic diet works by turning the body into a “fat burning machine”.  Without carbohydrates, the body uses ‘Ketone Bodies’ as its energy source instead of glucose (Manninen, 2006).

My blog will explore this diet further, provide recipes and relate it to my experience of living well with my health conditions.


Part 1: A first glimpse into what I eat on the Ketogenic Diet.

Exciting links to come…

Part 2: A guest post!!! My personal trainer, Garry Langler, tells us why he’s such a fan of the Ketogenic Diet!

Part 3: The evidence: a literature review of the motivations behind following the Ketogenic Diet.

Part 4: A guide to eating out or ordering takeaway on the Ketogenic Diet.

More tasty recipes! Yum!


Amy x


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